About AirPoint.

For as long as we have been in the compressed air business we have seen the same situations repeat themselves time and time again. When interacting with customers we have observed systems operating with poor energy efficiency, poor reliability, and poor-quality air.

In reality, virtually every compressor room suffers from some degree of poor performance. We routinely make recommendations to our customers that will provide sound value and a near-immediate return on any costs to implement. Despite this, customers seldom heed the advice given and elect to continue to navigate the challenges without spending money to fix the issues. From their perspective, production equipment and its wellbeing come first because that’s what pays the bills.

It’s a known saying in the compressed air that “customers don’t care about their air system until it doesn’t work.” And this has been an observable fact. In many cases, they have come to accept air problems as a part of normal plant operations. We believe an opportunity exists to “put our money where our mouth is” and provide these solutions for the customer while taking on the risk element of the investment. This is the fundamental idea behind the creation of AirPoint. It’s an exchange of risk for a guaranteed outcome.


Mission and Values.

... to give our customers peace of mind by providing them with the lowest total cost of compressed air through innovation and allowing them to focus on production.


The Boss.

Richie Gimmel CEO of AirPoint

Richie Gimmel


4th Generation owner of a machine shop and compressed air distributor in the Midwest. Oftentimes describes compressed air with the phrase "embrace the suck", using this phrase to describe the reality that the compressed air world is expensive, dirty, loud, and inefficient. Yet we are here to embrace that fact and create positive change.

  • Believes innovation promotes progress.
  • Desires to push that creativity into the compressed air industry via AirPoint. 
  • Pristine Integumentary System

The Brains.

Jeremy Rydberg CTO of AirPoint

Jeremy Rydberg


Brings two decades of engineering experience to the table. Has created and implemented custom solutions for several different industries around the globe and is now setting his sites on the compressed air world. His commitment to finding solutions has propelled him to be a leader in industries such as steel mills, compressed air, and manufacturing.

  • Believes applied engineering processes can change the industrial world.
  • Desires to provide optimal industrial service through AirPoint.
  • Trichology Challenged 

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